Will My Husband Come Back After Divorce?

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It’s very unlikely for a husband to come back after a divorce. Divorces happen between married couples because of the following reasons:

  • They are incompatible with each other.
  • Infidelity by one of the partners.
  • Moral and social differences, or
  • Domestic abuse, financial problems, and other reasons.

Here, two people are adamant on getting a divorce because of such issues. But we won’t rule out the possibility of a husband coming back after a divorce.

Because there are many instances where they do come back after mutual understanding and reconciliation.

How Often Do Divorced Couples Get Back Together?

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According to research, 10 to 15% of couples end up reconciling after they officially separate. Also, about 6% of the divorced couples tend to remarry after they have officially divorced.

Most of them fix their issues and recover from betrayal trauma through therapy. And sometimes they still have feelings for each other, which acts as another determinant for rekindling marriages.

One of the biggest contributors for recovering marriages is couple therapy. Here, the therapists help address core issues between the couples and alleviate the situation.

Majority of these couples identify and resolve the issues that plagued their relationship in the first place. In this way, divorced couples are able to get back together.

Do Husbands Ever Come Back After Divorce?

Yes, husbands do come back after a divorce in some cases. Once he is able to work things out with his wife, rekindling and remarrying is definitely possible.

Do Ex Husbands Miss Their Wives?

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Ex Husbands do miss their wives because they share a history together. When you have been with someone for many years, it’s normal to miss them.

But sometimes, it’s more about missing the memories and not the person. Sometimes, the ex-husband might still be in love with them but had to let go for a plethora of reasons.

There are cases when the partner may be blindsided by divorce, and this could cause them to miss their wives. But there are also cases when the divorce is done through mutual understanding, and they may not miss each other.

If the wife was mean and nasty to the ex-husband, then he will never miss her. The behavior and actions of the wife will leave a bad taste in his mouth.

Also, if the ex-husband cheated on her, then he will regret being unfaithful. He may realize what he had lost while looking for satisfaction elsewhere.

The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s green where you water it.

Here are some surefire signs an ex-husband still misses his wife:

  • He still talks to her.
  • The ex-husband is stalking her on her social handles.
  • He is still talking about her to the people in his life.
  • Anger is still present in him after the breakup.
  • He is still keeping her things with him.
  • The ex-husband may accidentally call his current wife or girlfriend by his ex-wife’s name.
  • He often compares his ex-wife to his current girlfriend or wife.
  • There is an absence of mental space in his present relationship.
  • Pictures of him and his ex-wife are still on his socials and phone.

What Percentage of Divorced Couples Get Back Together?

According to statistics, about 10 to 15% divorced couples tend to get back together. Couples therapy and children play a huge part in making this happen.

Do Divorced Couples Still Sleep Together?

Yes, some divorced couples do still sleep with each other. It’s because they have unresolved attraction and love for one another.

There’s a possibility that one of the partners may be willing to reconnect and rebuild things through physical intimacy. Divorced couples can still engage in sexual intercourse to relieve their itch and cravings.

It doesn’t necessarily conclude to them getting back together. Some of them even resort to being friends with benefits after they have divorced.

The lust for physical pleasure overtakes them and kicks the process of emotional repair out of the door. Here, both the parties aren’t interested in chasing romantic pursuits with one another.

Why Do Men Come Back After Divorce?

Men usually come back after divorce because they still have love for their ex-wife. He may also come back because of regrets after realizing what he had lost.

Why Do Divorced Couples Get Back Together?

There are many reasons responsible for divorced couples getting back together. These include:

Returning Feelings

Feelings tend to return when couples end this on good terms. They will always be present in each other’s lives because of the kids.

Feelings may start to return when they co-parent and involve each other on a regular basis. In such instances, they may start to develop feelings again.

Incompatible with Other Partners

Realization hits when they realize that comparison gets into their new relationships. They are constantly comparing their new potential partners with their ex-spouse.

In moments like this, they realize that they are compatible and better off with their former lover.

For the Kids

There are many couples around the world who choose to stay in marriages for the children. They sacrifice their feelings because they want to let their kids grow up in a normal home.

Divorce takes quite the toll on kids. So, they reconcile for the sake of the kids’ normalcy.


Therapy does wonders in bringing back families together. The couples decide to work on themselves by getting professional help instead of jumping to a divorce.

Do Men Regret Divorce?

Yes, there are men who regret getting a divorce. According to a survey, about 32% of men regretted getting a divorce.

How Long Should I Wait for My Husband to Come Back?

If you are separated, then it’s because you are not compatible with your partner. Once two people have separated, they go their separate ways and don’t bother reconnecting.

The chances of rekindling a failed relationship or marriage aren’t the most favorable. So, it’s best for you to move on with your life.

But if there is a possibility for things to work out and go back to normal, then you can wait. You can wait for a couple of months or a year at most if things are really bad.

However, if your ex-partner is dating and not prioritizing fixing things, then you should head for the door. Your partner has probably moved on and isn’t interested in fixing the relationship.

What Divorce Does to a Man?

Divorce causes significant weight changes in men. They also become more prone to heart diseases, strokes, and cancer.

Will My Wife Come Back After Divorce?

It’s highly unlikely for your wife to come back after divorce. The possibility is there but it’s certainly not the most common thing.

When two people get a divorce, they are choosing the decision to end things permanently. They are looking for a new start and to pursue things with other people.

So, divorce, whether contested or uncontested doesn’t always result in couples getting back together. But it also depends on the situation and whether things are repairable or not.

If you are still in good terms with your ex-wife, then there is a good chance of making up. When things are consistently getting better between the two of you, she has a high chance of coming back.

I Want My Ex-Husband Back but He is Married

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When you start to rediscover feelings, it’s not always healthy to actionize them. It is too late for you since you have already divorced him, and he is with someone new.

If you try to pursue him, then you will be wrecking up a family. And you will also end up hurting their children if he has any with her.

It’s a whole different scenario if he isn’t happy with her and they aren’t married with no kids. But it’s best to let him go and see a therapist to deal with unresolved feelings and emotions.

Divorced But Still in Love

If you have already divorced your spouse, then it’s not the easiest of situations if you still love them. Couples get divorced for an array of personal reasons and each has a severity of their own.

Some situations could be worked upon, but the rest are just too far gone. If you are still in love with your ex-spouse, then you should be honest about it to them.

Communication is always the key and the worst thing you can do is to bottle up your emotions. What if they feel the same way? Both of you will miss out on something great here.

But even if they don’t feel the same way, it’s best to let them know, so you don’t get haunted by ‘What Ifs?’ Here are some distractions that will help you get them off your mind:

  • Give yourself the acknowledgement that it’s actually happening.
  • It will help immensely to join a support group.
  • Avoid talking to yourself in a negative way.
  • You need to give yourself ample time to fully heal.
  • Get rid of anything that reminds you of them, and
  • Find yourself a new hobby as a form of distraction.


How Do You Know He Regrets Leaving?

Here are some signs that he regrets leaving you:

  • He will start to communicate a lot with you.
  • It becomes a pattern for him to constantly apologize for leaving you.
  • They start being more affectionate out of the blue.
  • He may start pointing out the shortcomings of his current relationship.
  • They tend to get jealous when you mention seeing someone new.
  • One of the obvious signs is stalking.
  • He will start being nice to your friends.
  • They will constantly compliment you.
  • He will start to reminisce a lot with you.

How Long Does It Take for a Man to Regret Losing You?

It usually depends on person to person. But it typically takes anywhere from 4-6 weeks to make a man regret losing you.

What Will Make a Man Regret Losing You?

The greatest revenge is to cut him out of your life and work on bettering yourself. That’s when he will start to lose his mind and regret losing you.

What Are the Chances a Guy Will Come Back?

It honestly depends on the guy and the state of the relationship. About 70% of the couples aren’t interested in getting back together according to a survey.

Key Takeaways

  • Statistically, 10 to 15% of divorced couples get back together.
  • Some divorced couples still sleep together.
  • It’s best to let go when your ex-husband is married to another woman.
  • Some men miss their ex-wives, especially if she is still actively present in his life.
  • Most couples entertain bad marriages for the sake of children.

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