When Divorce is Considered a Social Problem

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A social problem is any issue that affects society as a whole. The divorce rate in the country has been rising within the past decade.

Nearly 50% of all marriages today end in a divorce. And this percentage is higher for second and third marriages. With so many people either experiencing divorce themselves, or knowing someone who is divorced, this is becoming a social issue.

Marriage is meant to be a union that lasts for a lifetime. However, due to various reasons, people find ways to end their marriages.

And divorce can be expensive as well. The effects of divorce persist not just in the lives of the people experiencing a divorce, but ripple throughout society as well.

What are Social Problems?

A social problem is any issue that has a negative effect on a large number of the members of society. If there is a social problem, then it also becomes the responsibility of society to try and find a solution.

There are usually various factors that contribute towards the development of a social problem.

Divorce as a Social Problem

Divorce is becoming more and more common. And when that happens, it starts affecting society as a whole.

Should a married couple no longer be capable of living together, then many times, they choose to end the marriage. There could be many reasons that contribute to a divorce, ranging from infidelity to simply not being in love anymore.

However, when the rate of divorce rises to a point where it shows that more and more people are getting divorced. Then this is seen as a social problem.

Not only are more people getting divorced, but the people in their life, such as their children, are also being affected.

Social Effects of Divorce on Adults

Adults who experience divorce in their lives often report a large amount of stress. Here are the social effects that adults experience due to divorce:

  • Emotional stress from the relationship breaking down
  • Insomnia
  • Financial loss from the costs pertaining to the divorce
  • Need to restart their whole lives after the divorce
  • The breakdown of the family, where children usually go to live with one parent

Social Effects of Divorce on Child

The social effects of divorce extend to children as well. At a young age, when a child needs to watch their parents separate, then this can leave a profound impact on their young minds.

Sometimes, divorces can be messy. And when this happens, this negatively affects the child as well. But what are the social effects of divorce on children?

  • The child needs to restart their whole life, sometimes needing to move to a separate school or city.
  • The child loses being in regular touch with one of their parents, which can cause separation anxiety.
  • The child can only spend a certain amount of time with the parent they aren’t living with, as per what the Court decides. This can have a negative effect on their psyche.
  • The child has to live with one parent, and sometimes looses their sibling as well, should both parents be awarded custody of each child.
  • Children experience emotional stress associated with losing one parent.
  • Children can experience a sense of helplessness, since they aren’t able to do anything to control the situation.
  • Divorce can have a long-lasting effect on children, who often need to readjust to their new lives.

When Divorce is Considered a Social Problem

Negative Effects of Divorce on Society

Divorce is seen as a social problem. This is as there are many negative effects that divorce presents, on the society as a whole.

Rising divorce rates also indicates that the number of broken families has increased as well. It’s very likely today, to know someone who has been divorced or is getting a divorce.

But divorce can have many negative effects on society as a whole. These include:

  • Divorce is sometimes seen as the easy way out. With more and more people getting divorces, people are also getting divorced over minor issues.
  • The sanctity of the institution of marriage is being affected as well. Before, people used to try to make their marriage work. But people are becoming less and less tolerant in their marriages.
  • With more people getting divorced, their children are affected as well. Children who belong to broken families often tend to experience emotional as well as mental stress.
  • Children may also be socially withdrawn or act out in other ways. In such cases, such children need special care.
  • The costs associated with getting a divorce are high. You’ll need to consider the costs associated with hiring an attorney, as well as Court costs.
  • In addition to this, there are settlement costs, spousal support as well as child support costs, and more. Getting a divorce can be expensive. And this has a negative effect on the finances of the people getting divorced.

Positive Effects of Divorce on Society

Although divorce is seen as a social issue, there are certain positive effects associated with it as well.

  • Divorce is becoming more socially acceptable. People are less and less likely to tolerate negative behavior in their marriages.
  • Sometimes, people fall out of love with each other as well. In all these cases, people can now find a way to end their relationships.
  • The social stigma associated with divorce is ending as well. Since more people are divorced now, it’s seen as more common.
  • This means that a person who is divorced is more likely to find a partner again, and pursue a relationship.
  • Children find support through their peers as well. This is as there are more children from broken homes, so they are able to support each other.

FAQ Related to Divorce Being Considered a Social Problem

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The effects of divorce aren’t just restricted to the people getting divorced. With the divorce rate rising across the country, divorce is now seen as a social problem.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about divorce as a social problem.

Why is Divorce Considered a Social Problem?

Both marriage and divorce should ideally be personal matters between the people involved. However, more and more people are choosing to get divorced.

Nearly 50% of all marriages today are likely to end in a divorce. For many years, marriage was an institution that was meant to last a lifetime.

However, this has changed. And perceptions regarding divorce has changed as well.

People experience financial loss, emotional and mental stress, and more, as a result of divorce. The breakdown of their family affects all the members of the family, including the children.

Divorce is seen as a social problem as a large number of people within society are directly suffering as a result of divorce. If they aren’t experiencing it themselves, then they know someone who is.

How Does Divorce Affect Our Society?

Divorce has a negative effect on society. When people seek divorce as a way to end their marriage, there are financial losses associated with it. The male partner could need to provide spousal as well as child support.

Although it’s more common for the Court to allow the mother to keep the children, sometimes fathers are granted custody as well. Living in a broken home can affect a child.

Since more children are living in broken homes, as the divorce rate is high, the future generation is being affected.

What are the Example of Social Issues?

Here are some common examples of what social issues are:

  • Poverty and Homelessness: People who live in the streets or in poverty, experience harm to their health as well as safety. There are people who don’t even have shelter.
  • Climate Change: A world that is warmer can be a threat to life as we know it. People around the world are already noting that winters are warmer, there are more frequent wildfires, and more.
  • Overpopulation: Resources are becoming scarce, when it comes to feeding an ever growing population. By 2030, the population of the world is expected to be around 8.5 billion people.
  • Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights: People should be treated with equal respect, and should have access to the same facilities and amenities. Civil rights have come a long way, but racial discrimination has not ended as a social issue.
  • Gender Inequality: Women still earn less than their male counterparts, even if they have the same education. Worldwide, there are millions of girls who get married before they even reach adulthood.

When Divorce is Considered a Social Problem

What are the Causes and Effects of Divorce?

Divorce can be caused by various factors:

  • Infidelity and adultery
  • Lack of physical intimacy
  • The couple could fall out of love with each other
  • Abuse, whether physical, emotional or mental, can lead to divorce
  • Abandonment and separation could be another reason behind divorce

People get divorced for various reasons, but they usually feel that they would do better outside of the relationship. However, divorce can have negative effects on society.

This is as the divorce rates across the country are rising. Here are some of the negative effects of divorce on society:

  • More children are being raised in broken homes
  • More people are experiencing financial loss associated with getting a divorce
  • There are negative mental and emotional effects associated with divorce as well

Divorce is now seen as a social problem because it has become so common in society. Use this guide to learn all about what makes divorce a social problem.

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