Where to File for Divorce?

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Getting a divorce can surely be an emotional and a physical drain for couples, especially when it costs too much money and up down involved.

There are various laws regarding divorce in various states of the US. These can vary depending on various grounds.

In this blog post, we will have a look at some of the divorce procedures, money, and paperwork involved before proceeding for filing a divorce. Read on…

How to file for divorce in Ga?

Georgia has some strict requirements regarding divorce laws that need to be followed before proceeding with a breakup. This includes a complete agreement over juvenile custody and support and spousal support.

Also, a residency check and a residency status of at least 6 months a necessity for a divorce. This becomes a necessary second step after the child custody agreement check.

After these two steps, comes the third step, which is filling up various divorce forms and agreement forms.

Filing up divorce forms can get stressful since there is not one but many forms serving specific purposes and all need to be filled properly. One must submit these forms with no mistakes, which becomes a necessary check here.

Various paperwork is involved here such as divorce complaints, summons, verification, domestic relations, financial affidavit, and agreement form. In the case of a child, there is additional paperwork that needs to be done.

These paperwork need to be filled correctly without leaving any field blank which can lead to the rejection of divorce forms. Also, a correction check needs to be done in case of dates and answers’ validity at the time of divorce.

After these forms are filled correctly, their copies are made and submitted to the Supreme Court of a particular state. This further comes with a fee payment of around $250 and varies for every other region of the state.

All paper works before being forwarded to the judge, has to be dropped off to your spouse. This is done to intimate your spouse about the divorce so that they can say later that they were already aware of divorce proceedings.

When there is a dispute with your spouse over divorce, there are chances of them disagreeing on various agreements and filing a counterclaim. In this case, it becomes a necessity to hire a divorce lawyer for a smooth process.

Going for a divorce through lawyer help in Georgia can be a pricey affair, and can cost upto $200-500 per hour. If a couple has already made agreements among themselves, then why go for costly divorce affairs?

After getting the divorce summons, your spouse has 30 days to reply, sign and return those agreements for submitting them before the judge. Moreover, both parties have to make several financial disclosures in their agreement.

Every paperwork has to be done in front of a notary. After all these procedures, county clerks acknowledge these papers and send them to judge

Getting a date for judgment is again a lengthy process, with a waiting period of almost 30 days. It can also vary if there are too many divorce cases in that period with that particular judge.

On hearing day, after various discussions in court, a judge finally grants a divorce or there may be disagreements. Once a divorce is finalized, that state gives a certified acknowledgment copy to the regional clerk.

How much does it cost to file divorce in California?

A divorce in California can surely be a very pricey affair as compared to other US states.

This costly nature is due to several factors such as higher living standards, and high lawyer charges can also add up because of co-parenting lessons provided to couples and settlement fees.

There can be two divorce types that affect a divorce cost in the California region. These are contested and uncontested divorces.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties mutually agree upon all divorce terms and there is no such disagreement regarding child custody or financial settlement. Here, only forms are charged, which is $440, and when taking an online route, this can add $150 to your divorce charges.

To sum up, there are only a few thousand dollars involved. This can be said to be the most preferable, affordable, and quick route for getting a divorce

Contrary to this, if you are having numerous disagreements with your partner on financial issues whatsoever, the only option left in this case is going through a costly contested divorce route. This involves some seventeen thousand dollars and lasts longer, up to a year.

Various lawyers charge up to $350 per hour for a contested divorce and along with that, there are countless other costs involved in papers, agreements, and accountants. So, if you are in California, a mutual divorce can only be the best option.

File for divorce in ma


Divorce in Massachusetts involves several procedures similar to other state divorces. There are procedures involving no-fault grounds, child custody, and financial agreements.

The most important check, residency status, should always be checked, which is necessary for determining where to file for a divorce. If a spouse or their partner lives in Massachusetts, they do easily qualify for filing for divorce with the region of that state.

Two types of procedures are involved, uncontested and contested divorce, with uncontested divorce being the simplest procedure. In an uncontested no-fault procedure, there is mainly settlement over all issues among partners, and they amicably file for a petition for divorce.

These uncontested divorces

are filed with that county state and with proper paperwork can be settled easily with a divorce granted.

But similar to all divorce procedures, there is always a reason for divorce which has to be compulsorily stated in the agreement. These can be physical and mental torture, extramarital affairs, no child support, excessive alcoholism, drug addiction, and many more.

Property and alimony settlement agreements become an important issue and need to be agreed upon by both parties. A failure to do so can result in the sole discretion of the judge to divide property among this couple, which a judge decides considering age, health, earning capability, and future of children.

It is also granted on basis of, how much both have contributed to their marriage, children care, and daily needs.

In the case of minor kids, there is a juvenile custody agreement in Massachusetts, which are of two types, legal custody, and physical custody. The former involves making major decisions regarding child welfare such as school, colleges, etc while in the latter, a minor’s status is decided by where he/she will live.

In addition to this, there is also sole custody, where one parent gets full rights to their child leaving others with no rights. In shared custody both get to live with their kid equally for some period of time.

Where is the easiest place to get a divorce?

Filing for a divorce and waiting for its settlement can be a very lengthy process, especially when there are numerous disagreements among couples. People resort to an easier and quicker way to obtain a divorce.

It is very difficult to get a divorce easily, There are various states in the US where you can obtain a divorce quickly, and also they are affordable options.

Here is the list:-

  • Alaska – Alaska has a higher divorce rate of 100/100 because of its quick process time of 1 month and cheap, affordable divorce at $150 only.
  • Nevada – In Nevada, the divorce process is very fast, and it costs $95 to file for divorce. It again has a higher divorce rate of 95/100 and takes almost two months to process it fully.
  • Wyoming – Wyoming with a success score of 80/100 is also a good option. Here divorce seekers are only charged $70 for filing for divorce, which is processed in 80 days.
  • Washington – If you are in Washington, then you can expect a divorce process to be completed in 90 days. But it has a high fee as compared to other states and costs $250.

File for divorce in ga for free

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Living in Georgia and up for a divorce? Well, this can be a really costly option for you in terms of lawyers hired, paper submissions, and service fees included.

A divorce attorney in Georgia can alone demand a fee of $300 per hour. Not to mention, there are additional fees required as filing charges, service charge,s and other parenting tips charges concerned.

There are though several ways that can help a couple settle their divorce for a lower charge.

You can fill out a Pauper’s Affidavit form to show that you are incapable of paying the high cost of divorce. It is an affidavit filed by people who are looking for a cheap, affordable option for divorce.

Through this affidavit, you can make a request to the court for waiving some fees and other charges which are involved in divorce procedures. Though an important option, it is difficult to avail, because here you have to show your income proof to prove that you are actually incapable of affording these charges.

Furthermore, a poverty affidavit can only be filed when you are representing yourself and not involving any lawyer for your case.

There is one other option where you can amicably settle your divorce with the help of your family and friends and no lawyer involved. This way, a divorce can be easily settled and with low costs involved.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in GA?

In Georgia, due to higher living costs, there are unusual costs involved in divorces as well. This can come to a whopping $2100-$3500.

When filing for a split, you can end up paying $300 as form filling fees. In inclusion to this, there are various service charges also incurred.

Lawyers can charge an hourly rate of up to $300. Besides high-cost lawyers, there are also other third parties involved in a divorce case, in form of mediators, which can cost from $75-$120.

A child custody evaluation, real estate assessment, and accountants have to be paid separately. This can be a very costly and time-consuming process.

People usually go for uncontested divorces in these cases, where both parties mutually agree upon several agreements. Thus, an uncontested way can also save a lot of time and money.

How to file for divorce NYC?

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When you are living in NYC and heading for a divorce, you will have to do several legal formalities before any proceedings occur. Only a NYC-residing citizen or someone who has already lived for 5 years in New York can opt for a divorce from here.

In addition to residency status, there should be a solid reason for divorce. These can be physical or mental abuse, drug, or cocaine addiction, irresponsible behavior toward children, inadequate income, irresponsibility toward jobs, and many such reasons.

Then comes the form filling process, where many forms, for example, a minor custody and support form, summons, etc are filled. These need to be submitted to the county clerk with some fees.

Before submitting these forms to the judge, a divorce agreement is sent to the other partner for signing and agreeing on its terms. If there is any dispute regarding the signing of forms, then it can lead to a delay in divorce proceedings.

There should be a mutual agreement between the two before any proceedings. In case of an unsolvable dispute, a lawyer’s help comes in need with a fee of almost $300 per hour.

These lawyers indeed charge a lot but can make divorce processes easier, smooth, and quick. This is the reason many people opt for a divorce lawyer, even though they charge such high fees.

After all agreements by both parties, these forms require to be sent to judges, and a particular calendar date is selected for the hearing. In one month’s time, the trial is done on that date, and proceedings are completed with divorce granted.

How can I get a quick divorce in California?

Divorce in any state of New York depends on some factors. There can be minor variations depending on which state you are in, but in all total, it is the same process.

In California, there are several causes that can slow down the divorce process. These can be mutual disagreement by parties, dispute over child custody, refusal by the husband to pay support for living, delayed signing of agreement by other spouse, and hiding other information from lawyers.

There are various ways in which you can afford a quick divorce in California. Uncontested ways and summary dissolution are two of these ways.

When there is complete approval over all agreements by mutual parties, this can be called an uncontested solution, and this provides a faster and cheaper way for a divorce. In addition to this, there is summary dissolution, where both sides mutually agree and file for a divorce.

In summary dissolution, there is no such settlements related to property distribution, child custody or any responsibility whatsoever, whether any financial or any type.

How to file for divorce in NYC for free?

Divorce is a very costly affair that gets very exhausting as the process moves forward. In fact, it is so costly that it has become unaffordable for low-income group people who are longing for a split.

There are many options available if you are seeking financial help regarding a divorce. You can apply for various financial assistance provided by the state for any lower-income people.

You have to be eligible for this financial waiver and show yourself that you are incapable to afford high divorce fees. This is done in form of showing your actual income per year, any assets in form of land or house, and also various expenses for any year.

The destitution form has to be filled up and submitted, along with a request for approval when filing a divorce form. These forms can be collected from the district court.

Form waiver fees also known as ‘Poor People Relief’ filed when you are living in New York. In these forms, there have to be various statements made by the divorce seeker, and property and assets detail needs to be revealed.

When a court finally approves a fee waiver application, then you can get relief from paying for numerous divorce fees. This includes court reporting fees along with other fees which are added when undergoing divorce procedures.

In addition to these fee waiver assistance, there are also various assistance provided by agencies working voluntarily which can serve in getting a divorce. State bars association also train their lawyers to provide relief in form of free service for poor people.

How long does a divorce take?

An annulment procedure takes generally longer to settle when there are various disagreements by the couple over one or the other issue. This can be child custody, financial support, taking responsibility for other spouses, or alimony.

These divorces, popularly known as contested divorce, usually get lengthier to wrap up than an uncontested one. In contested ones, there are no such conflicts over any issue between partners and they amicably decided to part ways.

A contested divorce with its usual high charge takes almost 9 months to 1 year to settle. While uncontested ones take only 3 months to settle.

A mediation option has made uncontested divorces easier. The court allows a mediator for such divorces where only some divorce papers are submitted and divorce granted in a month or 2 months’ time.

File for divorce in California

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There is a most popular divorce option known as no-fault divorce, quite common and popular in California. Here you don’t have to state any reason for divorce.

Even if your partner doesn’t want a divorce and you want a divorce then you can go for this option. Charges for filing for divorce are somewhat higher than normal divorce, with $450 divorce filing fees.

Not everyone can opt for this type, they need to prove their California residency status of 6 months or 1 year, for getting eligible to file for divorce.

When a divorce paper is sent to the other partner, then only they come to know of this divorce. Once the procedures start, both partners have to mutually agree upon every custody, financial support, and alimonies.

Any disagreement over any agreements and court take matters into their own hands to decide on a better option for both partners.

Divorce papers online

Like any other online form, there is now the facility in New York to obtain divorce papers online.

Nowadays all divorce papers in the USA are available online for download and quick processing. It is a hassle free process where you can avoid going to court for any formality regarding the paper submission.

FAQ relating to where to file for divorce

What are the five stages of divorce?

When a couple is going through a divorce, they suffer from anxiety and depression, and grief. There are five stages of divorce which they face:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

What can you not do during a divorce?

There are some divorce rules set by every court which is a compulsory requirement to be followed during any divorce proceeding. Some actions you can’t take even when it seems too tempting to try.

  • You can’t lie to your lawyers about your relationship.
  • You aren’t allowed to post any divorce proceedings on social media.
  • Staking your spouse or a lawyer is strictly prohibited.
  • When angry, a court doesn’t allow you to send abusive messages to your partner.

How long does a divorce process take?

A divorce process usually takes 6 months to 1 year depending upon the type of divorce. In an uncontested divorce, everything gets settled in 1 or 2 months while a contested divorce takes a year to complete.

Is it better to file for divorce first?

It is a better option to file a divorce before your spouse files it. This is because you can decide where you want to file for divorce. Also, it gives a backseat to your spouse in presenting their theory, because the one who files a case first gets to present their theory first.

Key Takeaways :

  • Divorce proceedings and paper submission is an emotionally and mentally draining processes.
  • There are various types of costs involved, including high lawyer charges, divorce filing charges, service charges, and other hidden charges.
  • Divorce seekers usually prefer the unconventional route for divorce and try to settle it amicably to avoid divorce costs.
  • There are options for a fee waiver system when filing for divorce where income sources and asset details need to be revealed to qualify for this system.

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