When Divorce is the Only Option

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People try to make their marriages last, however that can’t work all the time. The short answer to whether divorce is your only option or not is ‘no’.

You can still try to make your marriage work. You can choose to attend marriage counseling, and work together with your partner to resolve your differences.

Even if this is the case, there are times when divorce really is the only option. Maybe your partner has chested on you, or perhaps you just don’t love them anymore.

There are many reasons behind why a couple might feel that they no longer want to be married to each other. What should you do then?

If you and your partner find that its no longer possible for you to stay married to each other. Then you may feel that divorce is the only option.

Divorce Is My Only Option

There are times when you may feel like divorce is the only option. Forgiveness may not be possible in certain scenarios, such as those involving infidelity.

What do you do when you think that divorce is your only option? First stop to consider whether that really is the case.

Here are certain scenarios where divorce could be your only option:

  • Abuse: If your partner is abusing you physically, emotionally or verbally, then it may be time to get out of that marriage.
  • Nothing Changes: Say you’ve told your partner what your problem with them is. Maybe you’ve asked them to change, but they have refused to do so. If nothing changes for the better, then it may be time to leave.
  • Professional Help Didn’t Help: Maybe you’ve tried marriage counseling and it hasn’t work. If even professional help couldn’t help you fix your marriage, then it may be time to end it.

Does the Bible Really Say That Divorce is Not an Option?

The Bible is strict about divorce. If you want to know what did Jesus say about divorce, then the answer is that he was not in favor of it.

Essentially the Bible does not support divorce. However, there are times when the Bible does consider divorce as an option.

In the Bible, wives are asked to submit themselves to their husbands, in the same way they do to the Lord. Husbands are also asked to love their wives in the same way.

If there is any disagreement between the husband and the wife, they should ask a third party, such as their Christian counselor, to intervene. There are two situations however, where the Bible allows for divorce. These include:

  • Adultery: Should either partner commit adultery, then the other partner may divorce them.
  • Desertion: Should the partner desert their partner for any reason for an extended period of time, then divorce is an option.

If you’ve wondered what the Bible said about divorce, then this should have answered your question.

Is Divorce Really The Only Way to End a Marriage?

Divorce is the legal way to end your marriage. But for many people, it’s the last option as well. Couples sometimes choose to separate from each other, even before they get their divorce.

This separation can sometimes be intended as a way for people to get some space. Other times, such as those involving abuse, separation is also a form of self-protection.

People also choose to separate from their partners when they have moved on, don’t want to live together anymore, or have decided on divorce.

Is It Better to Divorce or Separate?

Staying separated for an extended period of time can have a negative effect on your mental health. If your marriage isn’t working anymore, then divorce is the best option.

If you truly want to leave your partner, then staying separated isn’t a good idea. This is as legally you’ll still be married.

The possibility of you getting back together still exists as well. And when separated, one or both partners could still believe they may get back together.

It’s much better to get a divorce, which will provide you both with closure. Then, you can move on with your lives and find happiness.

When divorce is the only option

Divorce Should Be The Last Option

Divorce shouldn’t be your first option. Consider that getting a divorce is expensive. You’ll have to pay your attorney, as well as other Court related expenses.

You may also need to provide your partner with a settlement amount. For financial reasons alone, divorce should be seen as the last option.

But there are other reasons as well, behind why you shouldn’t consider divorce at the outset. If you still care about your partner and want your marriage to work out, then divorce shouldn’t be the first option.

Marriage can take work, and sometimes marriages enter rough patches. There are things you can do to preserve your marriage, such as seeking professional help.

After divorce however, the chances of you and your partner getting together again are low. This is why divorce should be seen as your last option, failing everything else.


Signs You Need a Divorce

If you see the following signs manifesting if your life, then getting a divorce could be the best thing for you:

  • Your marriage doesn’t make you happy
  • Most of the interactions you have with your partner aren’t positive
  • You look for reasons to avoid your partner
  • Your family and friends are urging you to get a divorce
  • Your gut instinct is telling you that you should get a divorce
  • You’ve started living like roommates instead of a married couple
  • You feel like your marriage is too hard for you to endure
  • Either one or both of you have changed what your values and priorities are
  • There has been a drastic change in the behavior of your partner
  • Your partner has been cheating on you and refuses to stop
  • Your partner is abusing you in any way

Is It Better to Divorce or Stay Unhappily Married?

If your marriage isn’t making you happy anymore, then it could be time to life. If you’re wondering when divorce is the only option, then factor your happiness in.

Staying together for the sake of staying together isn’t healthy for either of you. This is especially as after your divorce, you’ll get another chance to find happiness.

Should your marriage really not be working, then it could be time to get a divorce. The longer you stay together in an unhappy way, the worse it will be.

FAQ Related to Divorce Being the Only Option

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Are you wondering what are the signs a marriage is over, then this guide should have been able to provide you with a better idea. Now let’s look at some frequently asked questions related to ending a marriage.

Who Suffers More After Divorce?

Both partners end up suffering during a divorce. However, depending on the kind of relationship you have, one partner can end up suffering more.

If you didn’t want to end the marriage but found that there were no other options available to you, then you could emotionally suffer. If you or your partner needs to pay out a large settlement fee, then financial suffering can happen as well.

Essentially, the partner who loses more through the divorce ends up suffering more.

When Divorce Is the Best Option

If your marriage just isn’t working anymore, if your partner has cheated on you or abused you, then it could be time to get a divorce. There are also times when a couple simply fall out of love with each other.

During such a scenario, consider getting a divorce as well. As staying together could just be prolonging your suffering.

Here are some scenarios where divorce is the best option:

  • You and your partner are separated
  • Your partner has abused you
  • Your partner is cheating on you
  • You aren’t happy together anymore
  • You quarrel all the time
  • Professional help couldn’t solve the issues in your marriage
  • You or your partner have moved on from the relationship

Is Divorce Really Your Only Option?

Divorce isn’t the only option available to you, however it is the only legal option. You and your partner can try to live separately for a while, to see if this can help you deal with the issues in your marriage.

You can choose to get professional help, and work through the issues in your marriage together. In scenarios involving abuse on the other hand, divorce may be your best option.

You could also choose to get a divorce if your partner cheats on you. For many people, divorce is the last option.

How Do I Know If Divorce Is The Option?

Any time you feel that you and your partner can do better outside of the marriage, then divorce should be your option. Say your partner has been cheating on you and you don’t want to be with them anymore.

Your partner could also be abusing you, or they may have separated from you. Should you feel that the benefits of getting a divorce outweigh the benefits of staying together, then it could be time to get a divorce.

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