Why Does Divorce Cost Money? Is Divorce Really Expensive?

A lot of people are already aware that a divorce is associated with a hefty price tag. This is absolutely true, and there are indeed costs involved with getting a divorce. But how much money is involved can be influenced by many factors.

A lot of what determines how much money you’ll be spending is how you choose to handle the legal aspect of things. The level of either cooperation or even conflict that is present between both the parties will play an important role on determining the costs involved as well.

If the people getting divorced are more amicable to each other, then their divorce may not just cost less, but also take up less time. Keep in mind though that there aren’t just monetary costs associated with getting a divorce, but emotional costs as well.

Is Divorce Really Expensive?

Getting a divorce can be extremely expensive. Average costs related to getting a divorce in the United States are around $15,000. How expensive the case will be will change from couple to couple, with many divorce cases costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Taking into account the several factors associated with getting the divorce, such as legal fees, you can easily end up spending more money than you realized. There are several different kinds of costs you need to take into account when getting divorced.

This includes costs related to filing in the Court, as well as attorney fees. You’ll also need to account for education classes for parents, as well as fees for mediation. There may also be costs associated with psychiatric evaluations, or even counseling.

Should the couple own property together, then that needs to be taken into account as well. How much will it cost to refinance? Are there are recording fees that the government needs? You may also need to pay additional fees to your attorney by the hour.

Factoring all this in, according to Bankrate, the average cost of getting a divorce is $15,000. And this is just the cost of getting the divorce itself.

How Much Does It Cost to File For Divorce?

In the United States, divorce is seen as a matter for the civil court. When you choose to file for divorce, in many ways, this is similar to filing a lawsuit.

This is similar in that one person needs to actually file the lawsuit, while the other person will be served the same. Actual costs related to filing for divorce can VA from state to state. But you can expect to pay around $300 when you file for divorce.

This is why you should check your state’s website, to learn more about what the divorce filing costs are. In some states, you can file for divorce for as low as $100, while in other states you may need to pay up to $500.

The Average Cost of Divorce in 2022

A survey done by Bankrate revealed that the average cost of getting a divorce in 2022 is roughly $15,000. This takes into account all the fees you’ll need to pay towards the Court, as well attorney fees, counseling costs, and more.

But whether you and your spouse are splitting amicably or not will also factor into what your divorce costs. Generally, divorces that are amicable tend to be less expensive and are also completed faster.

If there is conflict between you and your spouse, then this could lead to the divorce proceedings dragging on. As a result, you’ll end up spending more money on getting divorced.

Is Divorce Expensive If Both Parties Agree?

If you and your spouse have already agreed on how you want to resolve issues related to your divorce, then you can opt for an uncontested divorce. This is a king of divorce where both parties agree to separate amicably.

When you choose to get an uncontested divorce, there are many issued that you and your spouse should have come to an understanding about. These include:

  • Sharing custody, parenting responsibilities and time spent with children
  • Child support, if needed, how much and for how long
  • If spousal support is required, how much and for how long
  • How the property will be divided
  • How the debt will be divided

Does Uncontested Divorce Cost Less?

It does indeed cost less to get an uncontested divorce. This is as if you file for uncontested divorce, this means that you’ve already reached mutual understanding regarding various aspects of the divorce.

In a contested divorce, you and your spouse would let the Court decide things such as custody, alimony and child support. This can end up taking more time and cost you more in legal fees.

However in an uncontested divorce, these decisions have already been agreed upon by both spouses. This means that you’ll be saving time as well as money, if you get an uncontested divorce.

Why Does Getting Divorced Cost So Much?

Getting divorced is extremely expensive. This is why people who don’t have money to spare often find themselves trapped in marriages they longer want to be in.

The actual cost of filing for divorce may not be that much, depending on the state you live in. But the additional costs associated with getting a divorce are what hikes divorce costs up so much.

You’ll need to pay the attorney for their legal appearance. And if your court case drags on, then you could end up paying them a lot more than you anticipated. There could also be counseling sessions that the court asks you to take.

If you have children and are separating, you may also be asked to take parental education classes. Even though these sessions and classes are recommended by the court, you’ll still need to foot the costs for them.

In addition to the costs of actually filing for the divorce, you’ll also need to gauge how your wealth will be divided. Settlement costs, if any, could also be high.

And your costs associated with the divorce won’t stop at the divorce itself. If you need to pay child support or alimony, then this could add to how much you’re spending on your divorce as well.

Why Does The Wife Get Half Of The Money in the Divorce?

In a divorce, a wife is entitled to get half the money. This can seem unfair to many men, as they believe that it was their hard work that led them to earning that money. However, it’s law that the wife is entitled to half of the marital assets. And there are a few reasons behind this.

The first of these is that marriage is like a contract. It shows that the assets of the people getting married are combined. This means that both parties are entitled to the same assets. This is why when you’re getting divorced, the wife receives half of the assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also questions that people have regarding how much it costs to get divorced in certain states.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Florida?

If you don’t have any children, then the average cost of getting a divorce in Florida is around $13,500. However, should you have children, then you can expect to spend at least $20,300 on getting a divorce.

It’s also important to note that the actual costs associated with getting a divorce will also take into account many factors. This includes whether there are any issues that are contested, and what the net worth of the couple is.

Their children will also factor into costs associated with getting a divorce. Finally, amicable divorces tend to cost less than the contested kinds.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Indiana?

In Indiana, it will cost you $180 to file for your divorce at the county clerk’s office. You’ll also need to pay $28 in order for the divorce papers to be served. The average cost of attorney fees you’ll need to pay per hour varies from $175 to $270, depending on the attorney you choose.

If you need to pay mediator fees as well, then those in Indiana can be between $300 and $400. Finally, parenting classes in the state are between $50 and $100.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Georgia?

In Georgia, if you want to get a divorce while you have children, then this can cost you around $23,500. Without children, you can expect to pay around $14,700 to get a divorce. If your divorce is uncontested, then you’ll end up spending less money on your divorce.

The minimum amount of money you would need to spend to get a divorce in the state of Georgia is roughly $335. Keep in mind that this does not include lawyer fees. In Georgia, a lawyer can charge you as much as $270 an hour.

How much you’ll actually need to spend on your divorce will depend on how long the case drags on for. The average cost of getting a divorce in this state, is roughly $15,000. This number is arrived at after factoring in all the costs associated with getting a divorce.

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