What to Do With Wedding Photos After Divorce

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 07:47 pm

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Divorce can be very difficult for couples. It brings great havoc to a well-settled family life. Not just for the couple, but divorce has very harsh consequences for the children.

Children get to witness a lot of emotional aspects of their relationship with their parents. They get to see a lot of fights, verbal abuse and dire disrespect.

Each couple has a very different way of dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. Some end the relationship with their partner all at once, and some still remain friends.

Though hearts are broken in a divorce, some divorces happen happily with mutual consent. Therefore, it really depends on the severity of a divorce and what will the relationship look like after getting one.

This article shares some insights into what can couples do with their wedding photos after they get divorced.

What to do with wedding ring after divorce?

Rings are super expensive but relationships are invaluable. The wedding ring is one of the most prominent symbols of marriage.

Rings are seen as gifts so after a divorce, some people return the ‘gift’ to the respective parties in different cultures.

However, in most cases, each partner gets to keep their own rings after a divorce. It is also possible for couples to decide which way they would prefer to lead their lives separately.

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Should I keep old wedding photos?

People have very different preferences. Many couples prefer to destroy every piece of memory they created together.

However, many people stay emotionally attached to their partners even after divorce, so most of them keep photographs of their wedding.

Forgetting is sometimes not easy and surely not a solution for some people. It totally depends on the individual couple if they want to keep the wedding photos or not.

Couples who separate mutually may keep the wedding photos, but those doing it with more serious reasons may choose to just throw them away.

What to do with wedding china after divorce?

It is up to the partners if they want to support each other or remain emotionally attached even after divorce in China. Though, many cultural rules may be very serious around the world.

What do you do with your wedding stuff after divorce?

While couples may feel immense hate and frustration towards one another after a divorce, it may be nice to pause and reflect on a lot of things.

Couples can think about what they would like to do with their wedding stuff after they get divorced. There can be more sensible and responsible ways to use your stuff after divorce.

Some meaningful ways you can use/reuse your wedding things are:

  • Use it to create awareness of any important social theme
  • Donate it to the charities
  • Sell it at a cheaper price
  • Create craft items out of them
  • Donate to another bride-to-be

Know more in the video below.

Deleting photos after divorce

Again, it is a personal choice of the couple if they want to delete their photos or not. Some couples prefer to keep photos even after their divorce, while others just throw them away.

It may also depend on individual maturity in dealing with difficult situations. Also, if you remain on good terms with your ex-partner, then you may keep the photos after your divorce.

What do you do with pictures after your wedding?

After the wedding, you can do a number of things with your photos. Here are some suggestions of what you can do with your wedding photos after the wedding.

  • Put your photos in photo frames
  • Decorate them in your albums
  • Create some DIY art with them
  • Make a digital copy of them
  • Make a video of the photos

Additionally, some people just like to keep their wedding alums hidden in their cupboards and take them out occasionally to watch with their partners.

This brings back a lot of sweet and loving memories with their partners.

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What to do with pictures of ex husband?

Life can become a little tricky when someone becomes your “ex”. For a woman, it may be difficult to get over the attachments they may have shared with their partners.

Similar is the situation in the case of the husbands. If the wife is on good terms with her ex husband after the divorce, then she can keep his pictures with her.

However, if she is not comfortable with even his slight idea, she may just not keep those pictures to herself. Either she can throw it or give them to her ex husband.

What do you do with wedding album?

Wedding albums can be kept safely with couples. They resemble happy moments and the beginning of new life between the husband and wife.

Some people also keep their wedding pictures from the album in their everyday handbags or wallets.

How to destroy wedding album?

A lot of couples feel miserable after getting a divorce. At times, even after some serious fights, they may get triggered by the need to destroy things that are shared between them.

They make a choice to destroy their wedding albums. There are some ways how people can destroy their albums. For example, albums can be thrown away, or thrown into the fire.

One can boil the photos, or use a kitchen blender to destroy the pictures. Scissors, abrasives and acids are some other options available to destroy wedding albums.

Should you keep wedding photos after divorce?

Wedding photos are very important to all wedded couples. They may be important to many people even after their divorce.

On one side there are sweet memories of the past and on the other hand, there may be bitter memories of the present.

It totally depends on personal preferences whether couples want to keep the wedding photos after divorce or not. The couple may even share pictures of their family, including their children.

Therefore, it may be difficult for couples to dispose off their photos from the wedding after a divorce.

If you can handle the situations after divorce more maturely and with good emotional strength, then you may keep the wedding photos.

However, it is better to throw them away if they cause trouble to your mind and heart.

Husband keeping pictures of ex wife

It is totally normal for partners to keep their ex partner’s pictures with themselves even after divorce. So, if husbands are on good terms with their ex wives, then they may keep their pictures.

However, if they are not on good terms with one another after their divorce, then it is better not to keep the pictures.

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Redo bedroom after divorce

The bedroom is a very important common space that partners share, especially married couples. After divorce, one may not want to keep the old memories alive.

Rather, they may want to destroy the memories and moments they spent together. In most cases, it is better to redo the bedroom and renovate it.

You can buy new bedding or paint the room with new colours. Try your favourite art and craft and display your own personal stuff more in your room.

It is also helpful to rearrange the closet and throw away all the extra things that are not very much needed.

FAQ relating to What to do with wedding photos after divorce

A lot of questions surround divorce and what steps to take after one. Here are some frequently asked questions about what to do with wedding pictures after divorce.

Read them carefully and find your own answers that are more relatable to you.

Where do you put your wedding photos?

One may put their wedding photos safely in their cupboards or with themselves in their bags. Often, people like watching their photos from the wedding every now and then and remembering the sweet memories they shared.

Do I have to share my wedding photos?

It is totally up to you if you want to share your wedding photos with someone or not. This is a completely personal choice, one that could be spoken between the partners themselves.

How many wedding photos should you display?

Again, this totally depends on what the husband and wife decide. The couple has total power over how many wedding photos they may want to display or not.

How do I show my tastefully wedding photos?

There are many ways to show and display your wedding photos. You can either make beautiful frames and put them on your walls.

You can do some DIY projects with your partner and decorate your home. You can also make videos out of your photos and put your favourite songs in them.

Key Takeaways

Here are some key takeaways from this article on what to do with wedding photos, either in general or after divorce.

  • Many couples prefer to destroy every piece of memory they created together.
  • One can use their wedding stuff to create awareness on any social theme or donate to charities.
  • If the partners are on good terms with one another after the divorce, then they can keep each other’s pictures with them.
  • Some couples prefer to keep photos even after their divorce, while others just throw them away.
  • Divorce can have very harsh consequences for children.

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