Reasons Why Divorce Should Not Be Allowed

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The main reason is the impact divorce has on children. It can disturb family life and cause severe consequences for the children and their future.

Arguments against divorce

There are many arguments against divorce that explain why divorce is not the best option. The principal argument against divorce is the impact it has on children.

There are physical, financial, and emotional impacts of divorce that can have damaging effects of children. Such children are more likely to be the victims of abuse.

Some studies have shown children of divorced parents were more likely to do badly in math and reading. There are serious chances of the children facing economic hardship after divorce.

The long-term consequences of marriage can be disastrous for both the spouses and especially the children. Most people regret the decision later but would by then it would be too late.

Why divorce should not be allowed?

Some of the reasons why divorce should not be allowed are:

  • It has financial costs that affect both the spouses and the children.
  • Divorce can not only affect the family, but can also have a negative impact on society. The very foundation of society can be affected.
  • A no fault divorce is allowed to get a divorce. This allows a spouse to divorce the other even though they have no specific reason.

Bad reasons to get divorced

Some bad reasons to get divorced are:

  • Divorce because of a disagreement without trying to resolve it.
  • Not showing patience with a spouse.
  • Divorcing a spouse because of misunderstandings and miscommunication.

What are the negatives of divorce?

The negatives or cons of divorce are:

  • It would cause financial problems to both the spouses and especially the children.
  • There would be serious emotional problems that the spouses would suffer. The children could face emotional trauma.
  • The divorce could cause serious problems in the family leading to breakdown of relationships.

Advantages and disadvantages of divorce in midlife

The advantages of getting a divorce in midlife include:

  • It helps a spouse to escape from a marriage that has become abusive and violent.
  • One can free themselves for a bad relationship they have suffered and look for a better partner.
  • You can regain freedom and try to lead a life that you always wanted to lead.
  • Sometimes it may be better to be alone and one can enjoy different experiences.
  • The child’s future may benefit, especially if the continuation of the marriage cause hurt to the child.
  • One can look at the spouse as a friend in the future and improve the relationship.

How does divorce affect society?

Divorce does affect society and affects family structures. The biggest impact of divorce is on children.

Divorce can cause emotional scars that can affect children deeply. It may affect their education and even make them more prone to substance abuse and other such issues.

Financially, divorce affects both the spouses. The financial impact can even cause povery and severe economic hardship.

It can cause serious damage to the very fabric of society.

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Why divorce should be legalized?

Except for a couple of countries, divorce is legal in most countries. There are three legal reasons why divorce should be allowed:

  1. When a couple live apart from a year, it is a clear signal they don’t intend to continue the relationship.
  2. When one of the spouses is cheating, then it is difficult for the relationship to continue.
  3. When there is abuse or cruelty (physical or mental), then divorce is necessary to protect the rights and dignity of the individual.

What are three main reasons for divorce?

As per studies, the three main reasons for divorce are:

  1. Lack of commitment towards the relationship by one or both the spouses.
  2. Adultery or infidelity or having a relationship outside marriage.
  3. Conflicts between the spouses leading to differences that cannot be reconciled.

Against divorce debate

There are many people who strongly feel that divorce is wrong. The reasons they list out in support of their argument is:

  • Divorce is a sin (as per religious texts), since a sacred relationship is being dissolved.
  • When a couple divorce, it causes a family to break up. This affects the family, which is the core of society and hence affects society too.
  • The divorce has a severe effect on children causing them a lot of hardship.
  • Financially, it causes problems to all parties concerned. The husband has to pay alimony and child support. The amount paid may not be sufficient to keep the children away from poverty.
  • It can cause emotional trauma for all the parties affected.

Is divorce a sin?

Most religious texts consider divorce to be a sin. They believe that marriage is a sacred relationship and divorce destroys what God has brought together.

Even though most religions believe divorce is a sin, it allows divorce under certain circumstances. Cruelty and adultery are grounds under which most religions permit a divorce.

Religious and spiritual leaders believe that the family is the bedrock of society. Divorce affects society and affects the future of children.

This is why many people consider divorce a sin. They believe that divorce should not be allowed.

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Why divorce is important?

Divorce is important for the following reasons:

  • It helps a spouse who is the victim of violent abuse to escape from that situation. Divorce helps in keeping a spouse safe from physical and emotional trauma.
  • Divorce gives a spouse dignity and respect. They can lead a life free from oppression and abuse.
  • Divorce gives people freedom, so they can live the life they want. They will not be shackled from achieving their dreams.
  • It allows people to date others. They can try and find a better partner with whom they can look forward to a better future.
  • In some cases, the child’s wellbeing may call for the parents to be separated. It allows the child to be shielded from the conflicts and abuse of a bad marriage
  • After divorce, a friendly relationship can be maintained with the spouse. Both can be good friends and work together for the children’s future.

Pro divorce debate

Those who support divorce and strongly believe it should be an option list out the following reasons for their stand:

  • Divorce is the only option when one of the spouses or the children are being subject to physical and mental abuse.
  • When one of the spouses cheats on the other, the relationship experiences a severe breach. Divorce is the only option.
  • A couple can enter a relationship that both realize won’t work out. In such a case, divorce allows them to look for someone better and lead a better life.
  • It gives children respite from daily fights and abuse (in some cases).

10 advantages of divorce

The 10 advantages of getting divorced are:

  1. You can get time for yourself and relax.
  2. Divorce gives you the freedom to lead life as you want.
  3. You get a chance to pursue your dreams.
  4. You can finally be happy.
  5. The spouse you selected was not good for you.
  6. Someone else is there for you who you can find.
  7. You can now indulge in some self-love.
  8. You get more time with your friends.
  9. Better relationship or friendship with you ex.
  10. You can be a better parent.

FAQs relating to Reasons why divorce should not be allowed

The FAQs given below will help you understand reasons why divorce should not be allowed.

What is the #1 reason for divorce?

There are many reasons why people get divorced. According to a study, the prime reason for divorce is lack of commitment.

When one of the spouses does not show commitment towards the marriage, then it can lead to a breakdown of marriage.

Lack of a commitment could lead to other problems and is probably why many people list it as the prime reason for divorce.

Do people regret divorce?

Yes, it is a fact that many people regret divorce. They may get divorced in a fit of anger, but may regret it later.

Studies have shown nearly one third of divorced couples regret their decision. Most of them suffer a lot due to the divorce.

There are cases where the regret is strong that they divorced couple once again get married.

Who suffers the most in divorce?

It is the children who suffer the most in divorce. A divorce would cause suffering for all the parties concerned.

The spouse who has to pay alimony and child support suffers financially. The other spouse may suffer from loneliness and the difficult of bring up a child alone.

The child can suffer from trauma as a result of the separation. It can affect their life and future.

What does the Bible say about divorce?

According to the Bible, one who divorces his wife and marries another is guilty of adultery. The Bible lists only one ground for divorce, which is sexual immorality.

The Bible says that what God has joined together should not be separated by man.

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Key Takeaways

  • Divorce can disturb the stability of the family, which is the basic unit of society
  • When a couple get divorced, there is a severe impact on children who suffer from emotional trauma.
  • All parties concerned can suffer financial losses due to the divorce
  • The divorced couple can end up regretting their decision, by which time it is too late.

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