Is Divorce A Sin In The Bible?

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Key Takeaways

  • Divorce is not necessarily a sin in the Bible in certain circumstances such as abandonment, adultery, or abuse.
  • God generally does not want divorces to take place, but in certain situations, a divorce may be justified according to the Bible.
  • Different religions may have varying viewpoints on the appropriateness of divorce.
  • It is important to consider other options, such as seeking counseling, before resorting to divorce.
  • Misinterpreting the Bible in order to justify seeking a divorce on false grounds is not acceptable.

Divorce is not a sin in the Bible if a person wants to split from their spouse because of reasons, such as abandonment or adultery.

What happens if an unbelieving wife or unbelieving husband keeps suspecting their spouse all the time?

In general, constant suspicion in a relationship can lead to a breakdown in trust and can be damaging to the relationship. It is important for both partners to communicate openly and honestly with each other and to work towards building trust.

If the suspicion is unfounded and the spouse is unable to address the concerns of their partner, seeking the guidance of a counselor or pastor may be helpful in resolving the issue.

Can a man’s wife marry again after the divorce?

Yes, a man’s wife is able to marry again after a divorce. After a divorce is finalized, both parties are free to marry other people.

It is important to note that the process for getting a divorce and the legal requirements for remarriage may vary depending on the laws of the country or state in which the divorce is taking place.

It is also important to consider any religious or cultural beliefs that may affect the decision to remarry.

Does a couple adhere to the marriage covenant always?

It is not uncommon for couples to face challenges and difficulties in their marriage, and it is not always possible for them to adhere to the marriage covenant at all times.

The marriage covenant is a commitment to be loyal, faithful, and devoted to one’s spouse, but it is not uncommon for people to make mistakes or have conflicts that may strain the relationship.

However, it is important for couples to work towards maintaining and strengthening their commitment to each other and to seek help, such as through counseling, if they are struggling to adhere to the marriage covenant.

Thus, there are specific scenarios, when the biblical teachings do not forbid a couple to get divorced if they find it tough to stay together.

Different religions have varying viewpoints regarding divorce and its appropriateness. You will also understand what an unbiblical divorce is after reading this article.

What are 3 Reasons for Divorce in the Bible?

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The Bible specifies certain conditions when divorce is acceptable

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The Old Testament says a husband should not divorce his wife. According to the New Testament, marriage is a life-long union.

However, there are three biblical reasons for divorce in the Bible. These are as follows:

·      Abandonment

·      Adultery

·      Abuse

So, if a person’s spouse has left the marriage, is indulging in sexual acts outside the marriage, or has been violent, the former can opt for a divorce. Moreover, the victim is justified to divorce their spouse if the latter is unwilling to visit a counsellor or is unrepentant of his behavior.

Most people feel that “abuse” refers to physical abuse, i.e. punching, hitting, or burning another person with cigarettes. However, abuse can exist in various other forms like emotional violence, emotional abuse, or manipulation.

Sometimes, such acts are too subtle and name calling and scouting are some common ways of hurting a person emotionally. However, a spouse may also control money and food, give a silent treatment, or isolate them from friends.

Adultery may also exist in various forms. While “sleeping around” with prostitutes or multiple partners is an obvious reason, a spouse could engage in outright bigamy or a long-term affair. It can also include, engaging in “sexting” or pornography.

Last, even abandonment is not that straightforward. Physical abandonment is common and people understand it easily. It is one of such cases where one of the spouses leaves the other party for good.

On the other hand, in emotional abandonment, a spouse does not communicate with the other at all. Such circumstances may also lead to abandonment.

What does Bible Say about Divorce?

In the first place. Christian marriages have a greater possibility to survive as compared to other marriages. However, that does not mean all Christians remain unaffected by divorces. Certain people purposely misinterpret the Scripture to justify their improper behavior towards their spouse and seek divorce on biblical grounds.

Divorce is a prevalent and real issue inside, as well as outside the churches. The subject of divorce may be somewhat similar to “The Scarlett Letter”.

As mentioned before, people get divorced due to different reasons, such as finances, abuse, adultery, or even because they fall out of love.

However, many people contemplate about whether divorce is a sin or not. It is obvious that God does not want divorces to take place.

However, whether divorce is a sin or not is a controversial and complicated matter. At the same time, we cannot simply ignore the god’s word.

Jesus Christ and Apostle Paul both referred to the reasons, which can make divorces not sinful and justified. Yet, we need to understand that whether divorcing your spouse is a sin or not is slightly more complicated.

Jesus speaks about divorce in the gospels. His statements give an idea of the answer to the question of whether divorce is a sin or not.

Christ said if a person divorces his wife, he should send her a divorce certificate. However, he emphasized that if someone divorces his wife on grounds apart from sexual immorality. commits adultery.

According to the Bible, marrying a divorced woman is also the sin of adultery (Matthew 5:31-32). According to god’s law and the holy spirit, marriage is a lifelong relationship.

However, this is an idyllic condition and often does not happen this way always as the spouses may have hard hearts. The Scripture has 4 portions here Jesus defined legitimate reasons for divorce. Adultery or marital unfaithfulness is one of the valid reasons.

When is Divorce OK in the Bible?

Breakup and divorce often occurs after adultery
Adultery is very difficult to reconcile and can lead to divorce

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God intends that marriages should last forever. He did not people to take marriage vows lightly.

However, there are a few exceptions too. Jesus taught some very important points related to divorce and marriage. He felt that the institution of marriage is considered to be perfect through God’s eyes.

So, humans should not go against it. Also, Jesus allowed an exception for marriage in the rarest of rare cases.

Jesus only allowed adultery as the valid basis for couples to part their ways in the form of a divorce. He felt the union should not be lawfully broken otherwise.

Christ also opined that divorce was not good for the well-being of kids and should not be thought of as the solution to marital disputes.

God abhors divorce and created the institution of marriage to safeguard the happiness and purity of his children. He created marriage to elevate people’s moral, physical, and mental nature and facilitate their social requirements.

If kids are involved in a marriage, Jesus felt that it is an ideal thing for an estranged couple to opt for reconciliation. On many occasions, divorce may act as an “excuse” rather than trying to work things out.

Thus, there are a few scenarios where God allows a couple to release themselves from their marriage. These are as follows:

·      If an unbelieving husband leaves a believer

·      When there is unrepentant and consistent immortality

 Is Divorce Allowed by God?

God created and blessed marriage and intended the institution to continue for ever. However, it is obvious from the Scripture that divorce on the ground of sexual immortality and an unbelieving spouse leaving the believer is allowed by God.

What are the Divorce and Remarriage Bible Verses?

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The Bible makes reference to divorce in several verses

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There are several verses in the Bible that refer to divorce and remarriage. We will a look at some of them here as they are like the word of god.

1.    Matthew 19.9

The verse says that if someone divorces his wife for any reason apart from “sexual immortality” commits adultery after marrying another woman.

2.    Matthew 5:32

The verse says that a person makes his wife a victim of adultery if he divorces her for any other reason apart from “sexual immortality”.

3.    Corinthians 7:10-11

It contains the Lord’s command for all married couple. Also, a wife should not split from her husband.

4. Matthew 19.8

The verse mentions that the hardness of heart moses made the husband leave their wives though the relationship was not like that in the beginning.

However, the only thing to remember is if a man’s wife separates, she should either not remarry or opt for reconciliation with her husband. Also, a husband should not divorce the wife.

What Kind of Sin is Divorce?

We are all part of God and he has categorically forbidden divorce in Malachi 1:16 in the Bible. However, he has not expressly said no to remarriage. Also, Jesus has implied that remarrying is a kind of adultery and is a sin as the spouse of that person is still alive.

However, he did not imply whether the union is a form of continuous sin or not.

Is Divorce a Sin in Islam Religion?

Divorce is not forbidden or a sin in Islam. According to Quran, husbands can leave their wives for a maximum period of 4 months for a trial separation.

After the completion of this trial period, the couple may continue the marriage or opt for a divorce.

Can a Wife Divorce Her Husband for Adultery in the Bible

Yes, a wife can divorce her husband for adultery in the Bible.

Can a Divorced Woman Remarry?

If a woman divorces her husband and remarries, she is said to have committed adultery in the Bible.

What Does the Bible Say About Divorce and Separation

The Bible says the husband should give a certificate of divorce to the wife. A spouse can divorce the other party only on grounds of adultery, abandonment, and abuse.

Is Divorce and Remarriage an Unforgivable Sin

God does not desire his believers to go for a divorce. At the same time, it is not an unforgivable sin. Irrespective of the circumstances, divorced people who have repented are forgiven and permitted to remarry.

Is Divorce a Sin Yes or No?

God’s plan is never to see his believers get divorced. However, one thing is clear, divorce is not an unpardonable sin and is permitted in certain circumstances.

FAQ Relating to Divorce and Sin in the Bible

Will God Forgive Me if I Divorce?

Yes, the good thing is divorce is forgivable like other sin. It is possible for a person to seek forgiveness for the sin through their belief in Jesus.

Will God Bless a Second Marriage?

According to Catholicism, if the first marriage of a person ended in divorce, God would not bless their second one.

Several Protestant traditions believe that as there are justifiable divorce grounds biblically, God may bless a 2nd marriage after they divorce their first spouse.

Can Divorced Christians Remarry?

Catholicism believes that when an individual’s first marriage finally ended in divorce, they would not be blessed for their second marriage.

Can I Still Go to Heaven if I Committed Adultery?

There is a major concern among many about God’s desire concerning hell, heaven, and adultery. After all, adultery is a common and prevalent act among many people.

Today, many people accept and encourage sexual relations outside marriage, making them wide spread and pervasive. If a true Christian gets forgiveness, the Scripture says that no sin can stop them to go to heaven.

Thus, it makes sense to understand the interpretation of Bible concerning divorce, forgiveness, and new marriage/remarriage.


In conclusion, the Bible does not view divorce as a sin in certain circumstances such as abandonment, adultery, or abuse.

However, it is generally seen as an undesirable outcome and it is believed that God does not want divorces to take place. It is important to note that the decision to divorce should not be taken lightly and that other options, such as seeking counseling, should be explored before resorting to divorce.

Different religions may have varying viewpoints on the appropriateness of divorce. It is also important to avoid misinterpreting the Bible in order to justify seeking a divorce on false grounds.

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