How to File for Divorce in Florida Online?


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The Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure has the provision for simplified dissolution of marriage. Also known as simplified divorce, this is a 100% online process.

Couples that want to separate can file for divorce online and get the final judgment in 30 days. You do not need an attorney for this divorce process.

How to file for divorce in Florida for free

You must first meet the eligibility criteria for filing a divorce in Florida courts. Simplified dissolution of the marital settlement is possible only when it’s an uncontested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree to the terms of the divorce. In a contested divorce, there are contentions regarding marital assets, minor children, child custody, division of property, providing for dependent children, etc.

Download Florida divorce forms PDF

You can download the PDF versions of the forms for online divorce proceedings. You have to download Forms A – B3 from the Florida Supreme Court website. These forms pertain to the simplified dissolution of marriages under Florida law.

Filling out these forms can be tricky since they involve a lot of legal jargon. You can take the assistance of a divorce lawyer or paralegal to fill out the form.

Get a simple divorce by downloading the documents, filling them out, and submitting them to the clerk’s office. The easiest way to download the forms is through the Florida Courts website.

Do not download the wrong documents from unauthorized websites.

Uncontested divorce Florida no court appearance

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Depending on the type of divorce you file for, you may or may not need to visit the court. A single court hearing is often enough to finalize the divorce case terms for uncontested divorces.

Under some circumstances, the petitioner and/or the respondent can skip the court visit if they have legal representation. However, this is not possible for contested divorces where there are disputes regarding marital property, child custody, domestic violence, child support payments, financial affidavits, and so on.

If you file for an online divorce, you will only have to attend the final hearing, where the judge lays out the terms of the divorce. After the judge has signed the final decree, both parties must take it to the court clerk’s office for filing and keep a copy with themselves.

This is the fastest way to terminate the contract of marriage in Florida. It’s a fast legal process that involves the circuit court only.

Process for filing for divorce in Florida with child

If you have a dependent child or children, you cannot apply for simplified dissolution of marriage. But if your ward is an adult, you can still file for a simplified divorce petition. However, there are certain conditions that must be met:

  • The marriage must be irretrievably broken, that is, there are no faults involved
  • The wife in the relationship cannot be pregnant at the time of the divorce
  • Either partner must have been a Florida resident for at least the past six months
  • There must be no alimony agreement in a simplified divorce

If you have minor children at the time of filing the divorce paperwork, you have to complete an authorized parenting course and submit the certificate of the same. Florida Divorce Laws make it mandatory for both parents to go through a parenting course before granting them divorce.

Qualified petitioners can have their filing fee and any additional fees waived. The process for filing a divorce remains the same with or without children.

The petitioner sends the divorce papers to the respondent. Then the respondent gets a window to answer the court.

If it’s a contested divorce, the differences are settled according to the discretion of the judge and Florida statutes. For uncontested divorces, the petitioner and respondent have to appear for the final hearing only.

Online divorce Florida no court

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Getting an online divorce is the fastest way to legally dissolve a marriage in Florida.

It doesn’t involve expensive legal consultancy or legal advice fees. All you need to do is download and fill out the forms.

You do not need to match your dates with the attorney for an online divorce. It’s a self-paced process and is much cheaper than a conventional divorce.

Online divorces give you the freedom and flexibility to dictate the terms of the divorce. But it’s essential for both partners to be in agreement for a smooth online divorce.

If there are contentions in the separation, it can no longer be eligible for a simplified divorce.

What is the cheapest way to divorce in Florida?

Getting an online divorce is definitely the cheapest way to divorce in Florida. You can expect to spend less than $500 for an uncontested, online divorce. The cost increases if you decide to take legal advice or assistance.

If both partners are in agreement, the divorce will not cost a lot in Florida. Since you are completing all the processes online, the cost of commute also goes down along with a range of miscellaneous expenses.

Is there a $99 divorce in Florida?

Some legal consultants claim to offer $99 online divorces in Florida. However, these figures are not always accurate. In reality, you may have to spend more than $99 for a divorce.

If you are eligible, your divorce filing fee will be waived. In that case, the divorce may cost $99 or even less than that. But if the fees are not waived, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $500 for a simplified dissolution of marriage.

The cost of divorce increases exponentially when there are contentions. The more contentions there are, the costlier the divorce process would be.

What is the best online divorce Florida?

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The best way to get a divorce in Florida is by going to the Florida Courts website, downloading the forms, filling them out, and submitting them.

Though there are several legal agencies that can help you with the process, the core steps remain the same. Legal experts can break down the jargon and help you avoid mistakes while filing.

In divorces where both parties are in agreement, the process is quick and convenient. You will only have to appear for the final hearing, and the remaining processes can be done online.

It’s the cheapest and fastest way of getting a divorce in Florida.

FAQ relating to how to file for divorce in Florida online

Let’s answer some of the most common questions on filing for an online divorce in Florida.

Can you file divorce online in Florida?

Yes, you can easily file for an online divorce in Florida. To do so, you have to go to the Florida Courts website and download the necessary forms. If both parties are in agreement on the terms of the divorce, the entire process will be wrapped in 30 days.

To be eligible for an online divorce in Florida, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must not have any minor children, that is, any child under 18 years of age
  • The wife must not be pregnant at the time of the divorce filing
  • No alimony or property division should be involved in the divorce settlement
  • Either party must have been a Florida resident for at least 6 months

If you and your partner meet these conditions, you can easily file for an online divorce in Florida.

How much does it cost to file for divorce online in Florida?

The cost of filing for divorce depends on the type of divorce you and your partner agree to. If it’s an uncontested divorce without the involvement of divorce lawyers, you can expect to spend less than $500.

Filing for online divorce in Florida costs around $450. There are provisions for eligible individuals to have their filing fee waived.

But when the divorce is contested and attorneys are involved in the process, the cost goes up significantly. The median cost of divorces in the United States is $7,000.

Can you get divorce in Florida without going to court?

Yes, it is possible to get a divorce in Florida without going to court if you have legal representation.

In some cases, it’s sufficient for only one party to be present for the final hearing. If you are filing for an online uncontested divorce, you only have to go for the final court hearing.

Online divorces do not involve intermediary hearings. The judge signs the final decree on the day of the final hearing and the divorce is granted immediately.

How do I file for divorce myself in Florida?

Follow these steps to file for a divorce without an attorney in Florida:

  • Discuss and agree on the terms of the divorce with your partner
  • Download the forms for simplified dissolution of marriage from the official Florida Courts website
  • Fill out the forms and submit them
  • Share a copy of the documents with your partner
  • Schedule the final court hearing
  • Take the final decree from the judge and hand it over to the court clerk or at the clerk’s office

While the specifics may vary, these are broadly the steps you must follow to get a divorce without an attorney in Florida.

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