Do in Laws Cause Divorce?

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 08:16 pm

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Marriage is not just a bond between two individuals but two families coming together. Many researchers suggest that a close relationship with in-laws could lead to interference in a couple’s relationship.

In-laws could be one of the primary reasons for divorce. However, there are other significant factors as well.

Should I divorce my husband because of his family?

Family dynamics can be one of the root causes of divorce. Tensions between you and your in-laws can hamper your relationship with your husband.

Before you think of a divorce, it is important to address some key points. Evaluate to what extent is your husband’s family causing a strain in your life.

Sometimes a dialogue can resolve a strained relationship. So, before you take the extreme step, communicate with your spouse and find a way to address the issue.

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Do couples get divorced because of in laws?

A toxic family can cause immense stress in a couple’s life. And, it is no laughing matter that many times in-laws can destroy a relationship.

It is important to set boundaries with your respective in-laws. Else, interfering in-laws can be extremely annoying and hamper your mental peace.

I resent my husband because of his family

Many wives resent their husbands because of the latter’s family. If the wife is not in good terms with her husband’s family it can sour the relationship between the two.

Resenting your husband can cause you a lot of stress. It is important to talk to your husband and share your feelings.

If your husband fails to understand you when you are in need, then it’s time to move on.

How many people get divorced because of in laws?

Many couples end up getting divorced because of their in-laws. Sometimes, in-laws can create a hostile environment and couples end up fighting.

A lot of women share painful stories of how their in-laws would unfairly treat them. In-laws would not allow them to go out on a trip with their husbands.

Many in-laws do not allow the wife to cook for their son. In many households, the sole decision makers are the in-laws.

All these reasons create a turbulent relationship between the husband and the wife and they end up being divorced.

In-laws and divorce

In-laws often cause divorce between couples. In-laws may not be the sole reason, but hating your in-laws is very much a reason for divorce.

In particular, women complain about over-possessive, dominating, and unreasonable in-laws.

Relationships can be complicated. The key is to set boundaries and enforce them to prevent your marriage from breaking up.

Does living with in laws affect marriage?

You are lucky if you have understanding and loving in-laws. A happy household brings in lot of positivity and happiness.

Your in-laws can also help you with daily household chores and in looking after the house. It’s a great advantage if you have supportive in-laws

But, at the same time if you do not get along with your in-laws then it can be a nightmare to live in the same house.

If you think you will not get along well with your spouses’ parents, then it is better that you live in separate homes.

I want to divorce my husband because of his mother

A mother-in-law is often referred to as monster in law. She is capable of causing immense tension between you and your husband.

There could be several reasons for the mother in law to behave weirdly. Unacceptance, over possessiveness, fear of losing control over her son are some of the reason that drive the mother in law to behave like a monster.

If you feel you are unable to handle the stress, pain and anxiety then it is time you have a heart- to- heart chat with your husband. Your mental health and well being is very important and shouldn’t be compromised at any cost.

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How do I not let in laws ruin my marriage?

It is important that you draw clear and healthy boundaries between yourself and your husband’s parents.

If you are not very close to your in laws, keeping them at arm’s length might be a wise thing. This will ensure that they do not interfere in all your matters.

How can in-laws destroy a marriage?

In-laws can ruin a marriage. Many in-laws are known to create a toxic environment in the house.

If you do not define rules, then your in-laws can over-step boundaries easily. To prevent them form doing so, you need to be assertive and firm.

Do not let anyone ruin your marriage and union easily. Ultimately you are responsible for your happiness and well-being.

Better to take control of your household and situation. Than, letting someone else run the show for you.


Can a marriage work if you hate your in laws?

It is possible to make a marriage work even if you hate your in-laws. It is not the ideal situation but it can be workable.

Try to keep your in-laws at a distance. Keep the communication to the minimal so that they do not interfere in your personal affairs.

Prioritize your relationship with your husband over everything else. Make sure that the love and respect exists between you and your partner.

But, don’t keep breeding hatred because ultimately it leads to unnecessary stress. If you think talking to your in-laws will help, then better to mend strained relationships.

I hate my in-laws so much I want a divorce

Many wives contemplate a divorce because of their in-laws. When the stress and anxiety reaches a point beyond control, then it leads to couples taking this extreme step.

It is not a pleasant feeling to hate the folks of your beloved partner. But, sometimes unreasonable and interfering in-laws can be the sole reason of an unhappy household.

You must take several steps to address this issue. Else, it will definitely ruin your marriage.

Try to limit your in-laws involvement. Be assertive and set clear boundaries.

Find out ways to vent your anger. Go out on movie dates with your friends so that you can divert your mind.

Confide in your friends or any other trusted individual. If you love your partner then give your marriage a fair chance.

Divorce because of in-laws – Reddit forum

In-laws can be one of the major contributing factors for divorce. In-laws can cause extreme stress

If you feel like a victim or you think you cannot handle your in-laws, you must share your pain and anxiety with your partner.

If you know you are right . And most importantly if you have an understanding husband then he will help to bring the situation under control.

Fighting with husband because of in-laws

Regular fights between couples can happens due to in-laws . There could be several reasons for these fights.

Often it is seen that the husband disrespects his wife in front of his family. Other reason is, the husband always supports his family instead of his wife.

Fights could also take place when in-laws overstep the boundaries. All these reasons could lead to constant fight between couples.

Marriage is a complicated affair. It requires immense contribution, understanding from both ends.

Work on your relationship. Do not let your in-laws sabotage your relationship.

FAQ relating to Do in laws cause divorce?

Unfortunately, many couples split because of troublesome in-laws. Many parents fail to draw the line and ruin the relationship of their children.

Couples cannot handle the constant fight and end up having a divorce. While in-laws may not be the number 1 factor causing divorce, they certainly can lead to one.

Is it OK to stay away from in laws?

It is ok to stay away from your in-laws if you think you do not get along with them at all. You can stay away by not attending family function and family dinners.

But sometimes this complicates relationships. It becomes obvious that you are deliberately trying to stay away from your in-laws.

You can choose to be a part of larger family gatherings where you can keep your in-laws at bay.

Is it OK to not love your in-laws?

Yes, it is perfectly ok not to love your in-laws. Love cannot be forced, it has to happen naturally.

What is important is that you treat them with respect.

Who comes first your spouse or your parents?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. You should never compare two relationships.

Without any doubt, your parents are probably the most important people in your life. No one and nothing in this world can replace a parent’s love.

That does not mean that the love and the bond you share with your spouse is any less. If you find an ideal life partner, life can be beautiful.

Every person who is important in your life holds a special place in your heart. You should treat everyone with love and respect.

Can I ignore my mother-in-law?

You can choose to ignore your mother-in-law if you think she is affecting your relationship with your husband. Or, she is the cause of your stress and worry.

Ignoring always does not solve a problem. It is better to first directly talk to your mother-in-law and share your concerns.

Many times a communication gap can aggravate problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • In- laws can cause a rift between married couples
  • Too much interference by in-laws can lead to divorce
  • Communication is important between a husband and a wife
  • Create healthy boundaries and try to keep in-laws at bay
  • Pain, anxiety, and stress can affect your relationship and your mental well-being

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